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One of the most produced musicals in history is coming to life on stage once again!  You can join Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie, and the rest of the gang from Rydell High in this rip roaring musical of friendships, romance, and high school adventures!  Grease is the word!!

Production Dates are July 26-28 and August 2-4 and tickets will be available now!

Downstage Parking​

Downstage Productions is proud to have a parking lot agreement with BAYOU VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  When attending a Downstage show, please park in the parking lot circled in the image above.  The parking lots surrounding Downstage are not community parking and are only designated for the churches on either side of the theatre.

Downstage DOES have a Downstage Cart that goes to and from our parking lot that will pick you and your family and friends up and escort you over to the front door of Downstage.  The Downstage Cart runs 45 minutes prior to show time and after the show.

downstage productions theatre - parking map